Cross Canada Check-In with Amanda Tapping & Juanita Peters

10:00 AM, June 9, 2020

WIFT Canada and Women in View present a National Interactive Webinar

Cross Canada Check-In with Amanda Tapping & Juanita Peters

Join Amanda and Juanita as they ignite a dynamic and powerful conversation about women in the screen-based industry mid-COVID.

We invite you†to be the†engines that will help drive this discussion - to create ideas, thoughts, questions, and suggestions on how to support women in the industry. †

We want to create a space where we, as women across the country can connect, listen, share, and empower each other as we move forward.†

We know there are obstacles and issues that are unique to us as women. †

We want to hear from you from coast to coast to coast. We are not each otherís competition; we are each otherís champions.

So, what is on your mind? Join our conversation, and letís talk about it!

Time:†Thursday, July 9th†10:00 am PDT, 11:00: am MDT, †1:00 pm EDT, 2:00 pm †ADT, †2:30 Nfld

75 minutes in total