April 25, 2018, 7:00 - 10:00 PM


An evening of film and conversation. A collaboration between WIFTV, DOC BC and Cineworks, held on the last Wednesday of every month at Cineworks.

Location: Cineworks Studio at 1131 Howe Street, entry in back alley

Date & Time: April 25th 7:00 - 10:00 PM

WIFTV, DOC BC, Cineworks members only. Free admission.


Art Television: The Man Behind Much Music;
40 min; 2018; HD Video
Director/Producer: Stephanie Limage (WIFTV)

Art Television is a Canadian created three-part educational documentary TV series that features artists and movements from around the world. Art Television was created by Visual Artist Stephanie Limage in 2016, inspired by the vision to unite artists and movements internationally, to make positive social impacts through the arts and digital media. This episode of Art Television explores the energy, talent and drive behind the Canadian phenomenon that developed a reputation as 'the nation's favourite music station' – Much Music.

Coda; 10 min 04 sec; 2018; HD video
Director: Rogan Christopher (Cineworks)

An elite contemporary dancer survives a violent car collision but becomes burdened with brain trauma and survivors guilt. As she struggles to regain her form, she realizes her physical health is inexplicably intertwined with her mental health - the key to recovering her life and career.

The Hands that Feed Us: Amara Farm; 12 min; 2018; HD video
Co-Director: Producer: Devon Cooke (DOC BC)
Co-Director: Leanne Ejack

First and foremost, a farm is a business, but it takes more than just business sense to run a farm. Amara Farm succeeds because it’s a marriage: Love and dedication to the land and a strong commitment to growing food make it possible to keep going even when the finances don’t add up. Like a marriage, it’s the relationship that counts, and farmer Arzeena Hamir has support from her husband, her children, her in-laws, and a co-op of like-minded farmers. These relationships help her achieve what money alone can’t buy: A successful organic farm.

Aadat; 22 min 35 sec; 2011; Super 16mm
Cinematographer/Producer: Noé Rodríguez (Cineworks)
Director/Producer: Xisela Franco

There are people who build their lives from the will where the inert reigns, where the landscape is barren and dead and there are only unnecessary expanses of sand and stones. Forgotten, dishonest, condemned to the most extreme survival, the Saharawi still retain their hope of justice.


Stephanie Limage (WIFTV) is a Canadian contemporary visual artist, director & producer with an international background in arts, marketing, communications, production and media. She has Co-founded, developed and managed a successful not for profit arts organization that has catered to marginalized and low-income families in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and to BC Children's Hospital, as well as establishing a recording studio and freelance digital media marketing agency for marginalized street youth in Port au Prince, Haiti. In 2016 and 2017 Stephanie produced, directed and created a three-part educational TV series titled ART TELEVISION. The series features artists and movements from around the world.

Rogan Christopher (Cineworks) is a graduate of both Queen’s University and the legendary Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre Conservatory in New York City. He began his film career as an actor, performing in various Canadian and American television series (Nikita, Reign, Saving Hope, Bitten), TV movies and independent film. On his first independent feature, Footsteps (a drama about a young Afghanistan veteran re-integrating to life in a small mid-western town), Rogan served as a producer as well as lead talent. It won best picture and best actor at the 2012 Mississauga Independent Film Festival.

Devon Cooke (DOC BC): "I knew I was going to make films in high school, and, after an academic detour for a philosophy degree, in 2008 I co-founded a production company called Storybubble Pictures. From 2008 to 2016, Storybubble produced corporate videos and the occasional art project. In 2016, I stepped away from Storybubble to produce social cause documentaries. I have produced eight short films: Six documentary shorts, and two dramatic shorts. My films have played at festivals as far away as Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, as well as on the streets of the Vancouver Olympic Games."

Noé Rodríguez (Cineworks) began his professional career over 15 years ago, with the founding of production company, Epojé Films, with Xisela Franco. Noé immediately received a scholarship from Caixa-Canada and moved to Toronto to study cinema production at York University. Currently, he lives in Vancouver, where he teaches film at SFU and contributes to Cineworks on the Board of Directors.

Xisela Franco graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Humanities. She founded Epojé Films in 2003 together with Noé Rodríguez. Together they scripted and directed documentaries for television and in 2006 Xisela worked towards an MA in Canada, which allowed her to further her knowledge of documentary theory and practice. Xisela earned a Ph.D. in Fine Arts with a thesis on cinema-museum and has directed more than twenty documentaries and experimental pieces.