March 8, 2014, 1:00 - 3:00 PM

At VIFF's Vancity Theatre 

Preceding the screening of Chi, director Anne Wheeler will present her insights into developing character relationships on screen in both dramatic and non-fiction films and how to build these relationships in such a way as to draw in the audience. Her presentation will incorporate clips from her previous work including a film she did with Babz Chula called Living Out Lout. 

Canadian director Anne Wheeler has been making both dramatic and non-fiction films for over forty years.   She has more than thirty-five feature length film credits to her name including The Horses of McBrideThe Color of Rain, Loyalties, Bye Bye Blues, Angel Square, The Diviners, The War Between Us, The Sleep Room, The Investigation, Suddenly Naked, Better than Chocolate and Living out Loud and her television credits include Bomb Girls, Cracked, When Calls the Heart, DaVinci's Inquest, Cold Squad, North of Sixty, and This is Wonderland.



Anyone who knew Babz Chula—a talented, larger-than-life performer from Canada’s West Coast—could tell you that her life force, or chi, was incredibly strong. When Chula reconnected with director Anne Wheeler in 2009, they discovered a mutual interest: India.

Wheeler accompanies her friend Chula to Kerala, India, where she is to undergo treatment by a renowned Ayurvedic healer in an effort to manage her 6-year battle with cancer.

Showing the excruciating treatments in true vérité style, Wheeler and Chula are hopeful that the bare-bones clinic will deliver and indeed, the treatment seems to provide temporary improvement, before taking a turn for the worse. Amazingly, the irrepressible Chula invites Wheeler and her camera to continue bearing witness to her journey into the unknown.

Wheeler’s up close and personal narration, as well as Chula’s darkly humorous, blatantly honest video diary offer a highly meritorious film beyond Chula’s reputation. Expect to be entertained, astonished and moved.

  • Run Time: 00:59:00
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/India 
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  • Credits:
    • Director: Anne Wheeler
    • Writer: Anne Wheeler
    • Producer: Yves J. Ma
    • Editor: Hart Snider, Janice Brown
    • Music: Stu Goldberg 
    • Cast: Babz Chula