Research and CRTC Submissions

Women in View:

Women in View is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening gender representation and diversity in Canadian media both on screen and behind the scenes, through information gathering, building awareness and effecting systemic change. They produce valuable reports on the status of Canadian women’s employment in our screen industries.

The 5th Women in View On Screen Report 2019 finds that women – especially women of colour and Indigenous women – remain significantly under-employed on Canada’s publicly funded film and television productions. But the study also finds that women’s creative leadership is the key that unlocks gender balance and greater diversity.

Geena Davies Institute on Gender in Media:

Research Informs & Empowers – If she can see it, she can be it!

The Institute has amassed the largest body of research on gender prevalence in family entertainment, spanning more than 28 years. Its research serves as the basis for education and outreach programs that help families, studios, educators and content creators become critical consumers and producers.

Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, USC: (Dr. Stacey Smith)

The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative is one of the leading think tanks in the world studying diversity and inclusion in entertainment through original research and sponsored projects. The Inclusion Initiative develops targeted, research-based solutions to tackle inequality in three major areas: research, advocacy and action.

Canadian Media Producers Association:

Industry Profiles – The CMPA’s annual economic report provides an in-depth look at the impact of Canada’s screen-based production industry and offers detailed statistics on the most recent production year, as well as longer-term trends in Canada’s three main screen-content segments: Canadian film and television production, foreign location and service production, and broadcaster in-house production.

Swedish Film Institute

Towards Gender Equality in Film Production

The gender equality perspective permeates everything that is done at the Swedish Film Institute: from production funding to the choice of films to promote from the archive, to the recruitment of new personnel.


WIFTV submission to CRTC – CBC licence renewal 2020

WIFTV submission to Broadcast & Telecom Review Committee 2019

WIFTV submission to CRTC – Private Broadcaster licence renewals 2016