WIFT Canada Coalition is a group of autonomous WIFT chapters across Canada - WIFT Atlantic, FCTMN Quebec, WIFT Toronto, WIFT Alberta and WIFT Vancouver – and Women in View. The Coalition is grateful for the support of the Canada Media Fund.

The Women in Film and Television Canada Coalition (WIFT Canada Coalition) partnered with Reel Families for Change Canada, with support from the Canada Media Fund, on an industry-wide survey on issues and realities faced by women, and caregivers, in our screen-based industries who are experiencing increased pressure with childcare and family care requirements exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WIFT Canada Coalition Family Care Project study is slated for release June 22.



Producing, Distributing & Social Impact with Christin Baker



How to put underrepresented topics on the radar? What is it like to get your own production company and streaming service off the ground? How to find investors for your indie project? 

In this highly interactive webinar, we will meet Christin Baker who is an award-winning director, Emmy-nominated producer and owner of Tello Films. Tello focuses on lesbian/queer content and is the first lesbian/queer network to receive an Emmy Nomination. The series Secs & EXECS has received a 2017 Emmy Nomination for Mindy Sterling, Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy/Drama Series. In 2019 the series “Riley Parra” received 2 Emmy nominations for actresses Liz Vassey and Carolyn Ratteray.

Christin is passionate about telling relevant and meaningful original stories. Tello Films is the leader in distributing and creating original content (features, shorts and series) as well as creating a platform for monetizing niche entertainment. Christin was awarded Best Director for her work on Maybelle at the 2016 London Raindance Film Festival and is a member of the Producers Guild of America as well as the Television Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Join us for an inspiring talk on how to make your dreams reality!

Date: 14th June, 2021

Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm CET

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