Welcome to the 10th Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Web Series Lounge.

Enjoy the creations of BC women:







All My Pants

In this puppet-based soap opera parody, Gene, a hard-working pair of jeans, must weave around the power-obsessed manipulations of his dress pants boss Mr. Hemmington. The arrival of women’s pants in the closet offers Gene a chance at passion, but with one wrong step, it also threatens betrayal that could leave his reputation in tatters.

Shelley Stein-Wotten: creator, producer, writer
Sidika Larbes: lead performer

Watch it here:



Certifiably Organic

Comedy with a Purpose — Certifiably Organic is a fresh new web-series that follows a 40-something do-it-all mom as she trips and topples in an effort to make the planet, and her kitchen, a better place. Her biggest problem? Convincing friends and neighbours that Halloween is a national tragedy and that raw quinoa-crust pizza tastes better than deep-dish. Her second biggest problem? Being the change she wishes to see, as she burns through a bag of chocolate chips, binge-watching Real Housewives. 

True to her creed—stand for something, fall for nothing—this girl stands, falls and gets up again. Whether on a soap-box at a girls’ lunch, chasing down an eco-offender outside Starbucks, or diving into her next nutrition venture—it’s mostly sideways for the well-intentioned mother of two exuberant boys. Full of hilarity and hypocrisy, this web-series catches the plight of today’s modern mom, where all signs lead to keeping up with the Joneses, versus saving the planet. With her loyal, celiac (GF before it was cool!) husband there to keep her in check, and a cast of friends, frenemies and co-venture types, this makes for one juicy and relevant series.


Shannon Nering, Creator/Producer and Lead Character; Larke Miller, Writer/one of three Lead Characters; Nicole Oliver, Producer/one of three Lead Characters.

Watch it here:  www.CertifiablyOrganicTV.com  — Landing page has the trailer (2:00 minutes); then please go to EPISODES page for Pilot (2 parts,15 minutes total)



 To win the local mayoral race (and to stick it to her conservative mayor ex-husband), Lucy Huff decides to form an environmental activist group to boost her standing with the 'green people'. The group she ends up with is less than stellar.


Co-Writer/Executive Producer: Chloe Rose (f)

Editor: Arlein Garcia (f)

Lead Actor: Sarah Jurgens (f)

Watch it here: https://vimeo.com/120262388

Password: Sizemore




 Trapped in the prison of her own mind, a teen girl tries to regain her sanity by recounting a series of dark fairy tales.


Producer - Karen Wong

Writer/Director - Karen Lam

Editor - Ashley Lynch

Lead Performer - Ingrid Nilson (Voice)

Watch it here:   https://vimeo.com/120621112

Password: mythos123456