Every year, the Vancouver International Women In Film Festival presents awards for achievement in a variety of categories. The Best of the Festival awards were presented at the Closing Night Award Ceremony on March 11th, 2018. Also presented were the awards for the winner of the VIWIFF International Screenplay Competition, the winners of the From Our Dark Side Genre Concept Contest, and the Matrix Awards (presented to the top three BC short films in the festival). The Matrix award-winning films also screened that evening. All awards were chosen by an independent jury of industry professionals.

Short film jury: Michelle Muldoon (Writer / Filmmaker / Past Board Member WIFTV); Mary Ungerleider (Editor / Director / Past President WIFTV); Shirley Vercruysse (Executive Producer, NFB, BC & Yukon Studio)

Feature film jury: Peg Campbell (Filmmaker / Professor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design); Joella Caballu (Documentary Filmmaker and DOC BC Board Member); Meg Thornton (Filmmaker / Former Cineworks ED)





IATSE 891 Best Feature

Dark Blue Girl (directed by Mascha Schilinski)


 "Sometimes a film just works! Dark Blue Girl is complex, evocative, and compelling. A rare and deeply moving look at this family triangle. The jealousies of childhood are brilliantly captured in this film. Illuminating!"



 Pacific Backlot Award for Best Documentary

 Women Who Run Hollywood (directed by Clara and Julia Kuperberg)


"A truly inspiring film. Every aspiring filmmaker should see this. Not only did the film resonate deeply with the jury, but so much was learned from it about the history and economics of Hollywood. Extremely relevant film to our community."



BRON Award for Best Screenplay

Dark Blue Girl (directed by Mascha Schilinski)


 "This was a brilliant film and it's obvious the blueprint had a lot to do with that. Beautifully observed characters and many poignant and memorable scenes that stick with you. The jury was enthralled throughout, and noted that they had never seen a family breakdown explored in this way. A unique achievement that keeps you guessing!"



DGC Award for Best Direction in a Feature

Dark Blue Girl (directed by Mascha Schilinski)


"This film won so many categories because the direction was professional and tight. It was woven together by a sure hand. So rich in detail and underlying thematic, [the film] creates a magic bubble encapsulating the push and pull of childhood. Hats off to Mascha Schilinski for creating this enchanting film."



UBCP/ACTRA Award for Best Performance in a Feature

Natacha Krief (Anissa 2002)


"Natacha Krief gave a mesmerizing performance. There was something so real about it, especially in the interaction between girls. Stunning!"



Mary-Anne Neal Award for Best Performance in a Short



Beatrice Picard (Marguerite)


"Beatrice Picard portrays the sorrow of lost love, the pain of silence and the freedom of disclosure, sometimes all at once. Achingly poignant, her subtle portrayal is haunting. In Beatrice Picard hand's, Marguerite could be anyone's mother. Her journey is fully realized and believable."



Sim Award for Best Cinematography in a Feature

Maithili Venkataraman (Anatomy of Violence)


"Anatomy of Violence worked within many limitations, including space, budget and available light. Maithili Venkataraman succeeded in making all of these limitations work for the film. One revelation was that the child performers did not seem exploited by the circumstances of this difficult film, and it was obvious that much of this bubble of respect was created by the camera department. A noble achievement."



ICG 669 Award for Best Cinematography in a Short

Lubov Morozova (Kis)


"The story is the cinematography. The audience can't help but love this unorthodox family of priest and cat as much as the camera does. Kis is a simple and affecting story of faithful friends, beautifully shot and composed."



CCE Award for Best Editing in a Feature

Svenja Baumgärtner (Dark Blue Girl)


"The pacing of the film was exquisite. It was deliberate and on point within the context of the story... cut so perfectly that they linger in the mind for days."



Ron Heaps Award for Best Editing in a Short

Hannah Dougherty (Mates)


"Inventive, fun, a tour de force one-woman production, the film takes you on a humorous and quirky journey from the very beginning and doesn't let you go. It is innovative, well-paced and acted, and seamlessly edited."

 Mates has been released online, check it out here


Side Street Post Award for Best Short

The World in Your Window (directed by Zoe Mcintosh)


"The World in Your Window speaks of loss and connection. With little dialogue, this satisfying film visually leads you through a story of a father’s grief, a child’s ability to cope, and an unlikely friendship. A film that surprises and touches your heart."



CFM Award for Best Musical Score

Anna Gemina (Dark Blue Girl)


"A very apt soundtrack to a wonderfully complex film. The sound elevated Dark Blue Girl to the next level. Anna Gemina's 'Melting' brings a beautiful, haunting conclusion to the film."


Ken Hayward Award for Best Screenplay 

I need a Hero (Jill Taylor) 


 "The jury was excited by the idea of a female action hero in a strong script full of 'laugh out loud humour'"