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Welcome to the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Screenplay Competition for 2015. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event, this year offers a competition open to all women screenplay writers, not just Canadians. VIWIFF 2015 is committed to highlighting the best stories the world has to offer that are written by, and about, women. The festival is a forum for collaboration and networking with other screenwriters and filmmakers who contribute to the visibility of women through the ongoing practice of their craft.

We encourage you to submit a feature film script of any genre, stretching, and perhaps breaking, the confines of the so-called “chick flick”. Enter the first act of the screenplay, to a maximum of 30 pages. The title page should only include the title and a synopsis to a maximum of 500 words. Screenwriters invited as official selections will be required to submit the entire script, without changes to the first act, in order to be eligible for an award nomination.

Official Selections receive a festival pass and are entered to win cash prizes.


Submissions are accepted through our website at: or through Withoutabox.

Submit one pdf copy of the first act (up to 30 pages).  Include a title page (the first page of the pdf document) with the screenplay title and a maximum 500 word synopsis.  The title page should include no identifying marks. (If submitting through our website, send the pdf copy to

Submissions officially selected into the Festival will be asked to submit the full script for consideration for nomination for the Grand Prize. Changes made to the first act already submitted will disqualify the script.

Script must use standard industry format (12 Courier font)

Script must be an ORIGINAL concept for a narrative feature film (No TV pilots or specs, treatments or adaptations). All screenplay genres are accepted.

Scripts must have a female protagonist. Ensemble scripts accepted where the ensemble cast includes 50% of the speaking parts allocated to female characters.

All submissions will be judged on content, creativity, imagery, story, formatting, and the skill of the screenwriter.

Scripts must be between 80-120 pages.

• Contest is open to female screenwriters.  Collaborations with two writing partners accepted, where one of the writers is a female. 
• Writers may apply with more than one screenplay. Each must be submitted separately.
• All rights remain with the writer, however the writer does give the Vancouver International Film Festival permission to feature, and advertise the work submitted for promotion of the festival.
• Do not send resumes or press kits with screenplay.
• Due to the large number of screenplays we receive, we regret that we cannot provide any feedback on individual submissions.
• Once you have submitted your screenplay, we cannot accept a new or updated version

• Submission fees are non-refundable.
• Transportation to and accommodation at the festival is solely the responsibility of the participant.
• Entrants agree to indemnify and hold us, including our employees, our officers, and our partners and affiliates harmless against all claims arising out of entry or participation in the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival.
• Official Selections will be contacted approximately one month prior to the festival.
• By submitting your film or screenplay to the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to all the aforementioned festival rules and regulations. You also assert that you are the author and owner of the original work.

Submission deadlines and fees:

Early bird deadline of August 15th - $30
Regular deadline of September 15th - $35
Late deadline of October 15th - $40
Extended late deadline of October 31st - $45



Or submit via Withoutabox