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Co-published by WIFTV and Reel West Productions Inc.
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The Definitive Producing Workbook

New and updated information. Includes CD of selected content items.

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The definitive independent producer’s guide for the last 20 years, the newly expanded PW 4 is a guide for the overwhelming volume of documents used throughout the business of independent film, television and new media production. Helping the reader navigate the constant flux of agency and funding requirements, the workbook includes useful details such as standard legal clauses, sample agreements, publicly unavailable film agency budget and production templates and case studies by seasoned producers.

The first Producer’s Workbook originated as a binder accompanying a 1989 Producer’s Workshop put on by WIFTV. As requests for the binder kept coming in, WIFTV decided to publish and sell the binder and use sales as a viable fundraising tool for the organization’s overall mandate. To this day, all proceeds of PW 4 sales go towards activities and programs that advance women working in the film, tv and new media industries. 

“There’s been so much change in the industry with new technologies and funding structures in the last 10 years. We wanted this new edition of the workbook to reflect the new media landscape for independent producers,” says Clare Hodge, Producer at Clarity Films, and recent WIFTV Board Member.

PW 4 was the result of the collaborative efforts of previous WIFTV Vice President, Clare Hodge; Co-Publisher, Ron Harvey, Reel West Productions Inc. and Editor, Cindy Leaney, Voyage Media Productions Inc. Five Women in Film members deserve particular recognition for their generous contributions to this edition: Tracey Friesen, Clare Hodge, Sharon McGowan, Kim Steer and Elizabeth Yake. We would also like to express our gratitude to Telefilm Canada and the Writers Guild of Canada in particular Deborah Patz and David Kinahan for providing essential sample documents.

“The Producer's Workbook is an invaluable resource for all of the students who come through the Film Arts program at Langara College (LCFA) as it provides them with concrete advice and examples in all aspects of the business of film. I have used it for lesson planning throughout my career as an educator at UBC and as the Head of LCFA.”
-- Alyson Drysdale, Executive Producer, Production Practicum Head, LCFA (Langara College Film Arts)

"The Producer’s Workbook was a crucial tool when I was starting out in this industry, giving me the A-Z of film production and financing in this country. A must-have reference book for newbees and notso-newbees."
-- Monica Hilborn, Writer-Producer for Lexico Productions Inc.

"The Producer’s Workbook is a brilliant reference book, with first rate information generously provided by the best in the business.”
-- Alexandra Raffe, President, Savi Productions

"I am certain that the Producer’s Workbook is an important tool for those emerging in the film and television industry. During my 10-year tenure at British Columbia Film I consistently recommended its use as a jumping off point… a guide and reference for the key documentation used when acquiring rights, drafting contracts and entering into negotiations."
-- Lodi Butler, Former Director, Development Initiatives & Partnerships, British Columbia Film