at the Vancity Theatre

Friday, March 4th - Sunday, March 6th, 2011

followed by the WIFTI Short Film Showcase screening
celebrating International Women's Day on Tuesday, March 8th

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Aboriginal Short Film Showcase

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

In the past ten years, Aboriginal filmmaking has emerged as a powerful storytelling forum for Inuit, Metis and First Nations people in Canada. Aboriginal women in particular have embraced the art of filmmaking as it provides a vital medium to share their creative, political and cultural points of view. British Columbia has a vibrant Aboriginal filmmaking community with many talented women producers, directors and writers creating short films, documentaries and animated works.

Although there is much to celebrate with the emergence of this distinct cinematic voice in Canada, there are few opportunities to share these important films with the larger community. At the 2011 Women in Film Festival, we will be presenting a program of films by Aboriginal women, many of whom live in Vancouver and other BC communities.

Barbara Hager, a Metis/Cree documentary director, has been invited to program the films by Aboriginal women. The films she has selected by emerging and established filmmakers are beautifully crafted, emotionally charged and thoroughly thought-provoking.

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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?E?ANX THE CAVE | Narrative | British Columbia | 10:41
Directed by Helen Haig-Brown
Set in 1961 in the Chilcotin Territory of Western Canada, ?E?ANX (THE CAVE) recounts the story of a bear hunter who discovers a secret portal to the spirit world. General: Nudity


IKWÉ | Narrative | Manitoba | 04:45
Directed by Caroline Monnet
A film about a young Algonquin woman reconnected with her ancestral roots through language and dance. General



BUTTON BLANKET | Documentary | British Columbia | 04:00
Directed by Zoe Leigh Hopkins
This impressionist documentary follows the creation of a Button Blanket by integrating the performance of a traditional dance with the art of the West Coast’s Heiltsuk people. General


WINTER'S WIND | Documentary | Québec | 05:39
Directed by Trisha Migwanas Hazelwood
Une jeune femme discute de ses craintes face à sa grossesse précoce et à son couple avec ses amies, son copain et son médecin. General



TASHINA | Narrative | Manitoba | 04:40
Diriected by Caroline Monnet
A young Aboriginal girl's hopes and dreams are re-negotiated within the walls and tunnels of the institution of education. General


THE ROAD FORWARD | Narrative | British Columbia |10:00
Directed by Marie Clements
This musical live performance recaptures the Aboriginal political and social movements of British Columbia and envisions a road forward where no one will be left behind. General


CRY ROCK | British Columbia | 28:43
Directed by Banchi Hanuse
The wild beauty of the Bella Coola Valley blends with vivid watercolor animation illuminating the role of the Nuxalk oral tradition and the intersection of story, place and culture. General


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