2013 Film Festival - Films

5ºB Escalera DCHA


5ºB ESCALERA DCHA is a story about a mother and her three daughters on the day they find out that their father has died unexpectedly. Still stunned by the sad news, they spend the next few hours in a bar next to the father's house laughing, crying and looking back in time.

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A Broken Tear

A-Broken-Tear-Poster1.jpg The story of a love lost for inexplicable reasons and the tragedy of life in waiting for a broken tear to heal. Based on a true story where love is lost in a cold world. A moving depiction of a coming of age and a young love blossoming remembered through shattered memories repeated in a hurtful spiral caused by Alzheimer. Partly based on a true story and autobiography the film uses beautiful visual language and evocative soundtrack to move the audience through the hurt of a love lost constantly remembered in a pain and love.
  • Run Time: 00:08:38
  • Country of Production/Filming: Lebanon/Lebanon
  • Date of Completion: June 2012
  • Social media: https://www.facebook.com/Davinciproduction
  • Credits:
    • Director: Krystle Houiess
    • Executive Producer: Ralph Matar
    • Cinematographer: Tarek Korkomaz
    • Editor: Youssef Nassar
    • Composer: Richard Abou Jawde
    • Cast: Zeina Makki, Abdo Nawar, Laure Chamoun
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A Red Girl's Reasoning

AREDGIRLSREASONING_Still_2.jpg After the justice system fails the survivor of a brutal, racially-driven sexual assault, she becomes a motorcycle-riding, ass-kicking vigilante who takes on the attackers of other women who've suffered the same fate.
  • Run Time: 00:10:06
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/Canada
  • Date of Completion: April 2012
  • Social media: https://www.facebook.com/ARedGirlsReasoning
  • Credits:
  • Writer: Elle-Maija Tailfeathers
  • Director: Elle-Maija Tailfeathers
  • Producer: Rose Stiffarm
  • Cinematographer: Harvey LaRocque
  • Editor: Jeanne Slater
  • Cast: Jessica Matten, Wilf Betz, Christian Sloan
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AYA_Frame_20.jpg  Two strangers unexpectedly meet at an airport. He mistakenly assumes her to be his assigned driver. She, enchanted by the random encounter, does not hurry to prove him wrong.
  • Run Time: 00:39:50
  • Country of Production/Filming: France, Israel/Israel
  • Date of Completion: July 2012
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/48435290
  • Web site: http://www.ayathefilm.com/
  • Social media: https://www.facebook.com/ayathefilm
  • Credits:
    • Writers: Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun, Tom Shoval
    • Directors: Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun
    • Producers: Pablo Mehler, Yael Abecassis, Hillel Roseman
    • Cinematographer: Oded Binnun
    • Editor: Dov Steuer
    • Cast: Sarah Adler, Ulrich Thomsen
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Bol (Speak!)  

Bol.jpg A cyclist meets a stranger in the market. A boy waits for his mother to return home. A man wakes up to find that his face is being stolen by shadows.

Three separate encounters become the departure point for Bol (Speak!), a short dramatic experimental triptych on the nature of violence. Inspired by the Pakistani Marxist poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poem "Bol", and drawn from real events, the film uses still photographs, puppets and folk dance to comment on the increasing ubiquity and tenor of violence in South Asia.

It is a thriller doc, a puppet tragedy, and a masked dance. It is a gradually escalating experience of violence.
  • Run Time: 00:15:08
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada, India/India
  • Date of Completion: July 2011
  • Web site: http://bolspeak.wordpress.com/
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Meghna Haldar
    • Director: Meghna Haldar
    • Producer: Meghna Haldar
    • Cinematographer: Mrinal Desai
    • Editor: Jean-Denis Rouette
    • Composer: Jesse Zubot
    • Cast: Anil Bhutani, Aditi Dogra, Mrs Binni Sahni
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Cuchillo De Palo / 108

4332915018_99b9ed7ffe_b.jpg Of all my uncles, Rodolfo was the only one who didn't want to be a blacksmith like my grandfather: He wanted to be a dancer. The search for the traces of his life leads to the discovery that in the eighties in Paraguay, under Stroessner's dictatorship, Rodolfo was included in one of the "108 lists of homosexuals", arrested and tortured. Rodolfo's story reveals a part of the hidden and silenced history of my country. In "Cuchillo de Palo / 108" two generations come face to face in a confrontation that ultimately allows each of us to understand our place in the world.

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Ente, Tod Und Tulpe

Ente_Tod_und_Tulpe_52.jpg Two girls who have lost their mother visit their uncle. Together they try to get along with the situation. The Teenage sister is more absent in her grief, compared with her 7 year old little sister, who wants to have more contact with her uncle. Before bedtime, she asks him to read a book she brought with her. 'Duck, Death and the Tulip' is read by the uncle, while the little one imagines the story at first. Duck meets Death and is pretty frightened. After a while they become friends. This is the dancy part of the film. Later the uncle imagines the end of the story, when Duck dies. In his vision he sees the dead mother dying in peace. They all find relaxation and a peaceful new start.
  • Run Time: 00:17:50
  • Country of Production/Filming: Germany/Germany
  • Date of Completion: November 2011
  • Web site: http://www.tanzplan.de
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Andrea Simon    
    • Directors: Andrea Simon, Andreas J. Etter, Fabio Stoll
    • Producer: Andrea Simon
    • Cinematographer: Andreas J. Etter
    • Editor: Andreas J. Etter
    • Composer: Boris Bergmann, Johannes Drescher
    • Cast: Christian Golusda, Lara Morlang, Lea Andreutti
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JOSEsm.jpg Jose is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town, and he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and Jose starts to come to terms with who he really is.
  • Run Time: 00:07:58
  • Country of Production/Filming: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
  • Date of Completion: March 2012
  • Trailer: http://www.jamonfilm.com/
  • Web site: http://www.jamonfilm.com/
  • Credits:
    • Writers: Iria Lopez, Francesca Gardiner, Ingeborg Topsøe
    • Director: Iria Lopez
    • Producer: Casey Herbert
    • Cinematographer: David Woodman
    • Editor: Rodrigo Saquel
    • Composer: Gautier Galard
    • Cast: Rayyah McCaul, Clara Perez, Patricia Villa
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Leçons De Conduites (Driving Lessons)

driving-lessons.jpg Manon, 17-year-old girl, has to take her grandmother to her driving lesson, although she's very talkative and difficult to manage in public. The situation gets more complicated when Manon discovers, some minutes before the lesson, that she's pregnant.
  • Run Time: 00:14:32
  • Country of Production/Filming: Belgium/Belgium
  • Date of Completion: April 2012
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/45797473
  • Social media: https://www.facebook.com/leconsdeconduites
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Elodie Lélu
    • Director: Elodie Lélu
    • Cinematographer: Tristan Galand
    • Editors: Diana Dolce, Thomas Venthuyne
    • Composer: Romuald Ballet-Baz
    • Cast: Pauline Etienne, Bella Wajnberg,Benoït Van Loock
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Les Lettres de Saïgon (The Letters From Saigon)

The-Letters-from-Saigon-pos.jpg In the house she has just inherited, a woman discovers in a box the mail she had with her father while he was in Indochina...memories get back to her: herself as a child, her father at war, her mother overtaken by those events, her piano teacher..."The letters from Saigon" is this 12 years old child, Claire, and her mail with her father in the middle of the war in Indochina, a child that tries to maintain the link between her parents, this thin, fragile link made of letters and postcards; a child that thinks that writing letters can save a life...
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Life In Stills


At the age of 96, Miriam Weissenstein never imagined that she would be facing a new chapter in her life. But when "The Photo House" – her late husband Rudi’s life’s work – was destined for demolition, even this opinionated and uncompromising woman knew she needed help.

 Under the cloud of a family tragedy, a special relationship is forged between Miriam and her grandson, Ben, as they join forces to save the shop and its nearly one million negatives that document Israel’s defining moments.

Despite the generation gap and many conflicts, Ben and Miriam embark on a heart-wrenching journey, comprising many humorous and touching moments – a journey that requires a lot of love, courage, and compassion.

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Little Black Spiders


Belgium, 1978. Katja, Roxy, and a group of other lively girls are too young for love, but still almost mothers. In a hidden location, pregnant teenage girls await the birth of their babies in secret.

Some want to put their mistake behind them as soon as possible, but Katja, herself an orphan, clearly wants something different: she longs to have her own little baby. During the long wait, the girls share each other’s joys and sorrows. They form close friendships and distract themselves with strange games – until the bubble bursts, and Katja becomes painfully aware of the plans that the nuns are making behind their backs. She is not going to let this happen to her baby, however…

Little Black Spiders is a story about the beauty and strength of unexpected friendships.

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Lucille's Ball

lucille.jpg Lucille’s Ball is a dramatic feature that tells the story of Lucille, her rude introduction to sex and her lifelong exploration of it.  Disowned by her father for having sex outside marriage, Lucille indulges in many wild relationships.  When she wants a baby and searches for a man to father her child, she creates an unorthodox, unique community.
  • Run Time: 01:22:16
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/57996438
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/Canada
  • Date of Completion: September 2012
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Lulu Keating
    • Director: Lulu Keating
    • Producers: Karen Wong, Lulu Keating
    • Cinematographer: Thomas Billingsley
    • Editor: Jeanne Slater
    • Composer: Simon Kendall
    • Cast: Britt Irvin, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Daniella Evangelista
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Make A Wish

MakeAWish_001.jpg Make a Wish is a short 3d animation about a girl who is not satisfied with her appearance, so she wants to get bigger breasts. She visits a magician cat and asks for a way to make her breasts bigger. She pays the cat’s fee with her pet, a hamster. The magician gives her a magic balloon, which works this way: her breasts get bigger as the balloon gets blown up. She becomes upset when she sees that the cat tries to eat her pet. She has to choose between getting bigger breasts and saving her hamster. She decides to keep her wish as her own and gives her hamster back to the magician. The hamster gets angry, so it pops the magic balloon away. Finally, she loses her pet and her desire for a large cleavage.
  • Run Time:  00:03:26
  • Country of Production/Filming: USA/USA
  • Date of Completion: September 2012
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/46230793
  • Credits:
    • Director: Hee Jin Kim
    • Composer: Izzy Gliksberg
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Субстанция: Молоко (Moloko)

Moloko.jpg A movie about looking for the main substance. How many 'who' do live inside of you? What's your real substance? And will your next change disclose the meaning of your existence? The film is a cinematic fantasia starring Anna Abalikhina, one of the leading Russian contemporary dancers and choreographers.
  • Run Time: 00:17:00
  • Country of Production/Filming: Russian Federation/ Russian Federation
  • Date of Completion: August 2012
  • Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uypP3CJSl18
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Natasha Merkulova
    • Director: Natasha Merkulova
    • Producers: Andrey Popov, Asya Davydova
    • Cinematographer: Andrey Krotov
    • Editor: Sergey Gaziev
    • Composer: Liza Bystrova
    • Cast: Anna Abalikhina
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Naked Love – Ea's Garden

NakedLove-Still_1.jpg Naked Love - Ea’s Garden is a speechless erotic hand-drawn animated art-film. A sensual trip through Ea’s sexuality in a surrealistic abstract poetic atmosphere.
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North Boys: The Story of Jimmy and Charlie

Northboys.jpg The 20-minute documentary is the story of Charlie Pete of Lower Post, B.C. who led a sometimes tortured and troubled life.  So did his good friend Jimmy Dennis.  As children, both were taken away from their homes on the same day in 1944.  They never saw their families again.  Both men have spent a lifetime trying to overcome the impact of that traumatic day and the eight years that followed.
  • Run Time: 00:20:00
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/Canada
  • Date of Completion: February 2012
  • Web site: http://www.secondshooter-productions.com/
  • Credits:
    • Writers: Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, Laura Cabott
    • Director: Lucy van Oldenbarneveld
    • Producers: Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, Laura Cabott
    • Cinematographer: Wayne Vallevand
    • Editors: Jith Paul, Treepot Media
    • Composer: Edmund Eagan
    • Cast: Charlie Pete Tashoots, James Dennis
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OMG is an inter-generational short film about 14-year-old emo-goth Kaylee who thinks she is the top of the food chain when it comes to being misunderstood. After a monster fight with her parents over her texting habit Kaylee runs away to her understanding grandma's house. All is going well until Kaylee's cell phone battery runs out.

  • Run Time: 00:10:00
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/Canada
  • Date of Completion: June 2012
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/user14044913
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Roslyn Muir
    • Director: Siobhan Devine
    • Producers: Siobhan Devine, Roslyn Muir, Lucy MacLeod, Woojo Jeon
    • Cinematographer: Lindsay George
    • Editor: Lisa Binkley
    • Composer: Jennifer Roworth
    • Cast: Gabrielle Rose, Matreya Fodor, Loretta Walsh



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Reach-_EPK_1.jpg Reach is a dramatic short about a man's memories at the end of his days. John has traveled the globe. After a lifetime of adventure, and great physicality, John has grown weak and downtrodden. He lives alone in his small home and has given up on the outside world. Now he lives, and loves, through what memories he can recall from his past. John hides in the safety of his thoughts until he is taken by a stroke. His memories become distorted and overwhelming. Still, they remind him of how important it is to survive.
  • Run Time: 00:15:00
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/Canada
  • Date of Completion: August 2011
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/31465589
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Tricia Collins
    • Director: Tricia Collins
    • Producer: Tricia Collins
    • Cinematographer: Stephen Chung
    • Editor: Mike Reisacher
    • Composer: Troy Slocum
    • Cast: Martin Julien, Matthew Edison, Simon Brand
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Broke and emotionally blistered after the death of her husband, Toby has turned to a beloved pastime, growing marijuana, to provide for her family.  When she is arrested and convicted, she packs up the RV and takes her two young daughters on a road trip while uneasily awaiting sentencing.

Lulu, longing for her normal 12 year-old's life of boys and soccer, patiently rides along, quietly mining her mother for any clues as to what lies ahead, and tiring of keeping her younger sister, Zelda, in the dark.

As the RV steers from the misty coast of the Pacific Northwest, across emerald mountains and all the way down to the dusty banks of the Rio Grande, the truth and consequences of Toby's choices are chronicled.   She drives deep into the desert, as if the isolated peace of the dry land can keep her children close and her demons distant.   But when the RV breaks down, Toby compromises her family's safety by seeking help from a stranger who pulls Toby's errors into the light, presenting her with an opportunity to swallow her fears, redeem herself in her daughters' eyes, and brave the road that will take them all home.

  • Run Time: 01:24:18
  • Country of Production/Filming: USA/USA
  • Date of Completion: January 2012
  • Web site: http://www.wonderwheelproductions.com/
  • Credits:
    • Writers: Toby Poser, John Adams
    • Directors: Toby Poser, John Adams
    • Producer: Toby Poser
    • Cinematographer: John Adams
    • Editor: John Adams
    • Composer: John Adams
    • Cast: Toby Poser, Lulu Adams, Zelda Adams, John Adams
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Silent Music

Silent-Music_Poster.jpg Every family has secrets, but very few ever get to the heart of what they are. Silent Music is the story of one daughter’s attempt to do just that. While everything seems perfect, appearances are deceiving in the Gomez family: Kenneth and Teresa’s profound deafness isolates them. There is also a communication breakdown in the family that prevents everyone from having genuine relationships with each other. Kenneth is suspiciously secretive. Teresa is incredibly lonely. Virtually everyone in this family hides from the truth. It is Melissa, the youngest of three hearing children, who investigates her family, exploring difficult subjects never before discussed. Uncomfortable confrontations leave Melissa desperate to know more. The dark secret she eventually discovers unravels everything for Melissa, causing her to question the reason she began this investigation in the first place. Ultimately, Melissa is forced to answer a difficult question herself: ‘Are some secrets best left hidden?’
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The Devout

DEVOUT_PRESS01.jpg A story filled with secrets, isolation, agony, and love, The Devout takes us on a journey into the dark world of the Black Death. Set in the early 1400’s, The Devout follows the people of medieval Exmoor, England as they witness the systematic killing of the village’s sick by a demonic, cloaked rook creature. Two conflicting avenues emerge to lead the villagers to salvation, each guided by a brother and sister, Luke and Emery. One avenue is led by Emery, an intelligent woman who serves as the village doctor and mentor to Ana, Luke’s daughter. The other avenue falls under the watchful eyes of the town preacher, Brother Luke, who attributes the recent deaths as a punishment from God and directs the people of Exmoor on a journey to find salvation by openly repenting their sins. As Emery and Ana wield the proven practices of science, Emery faces the ultimate test when she must go against her brother and his beliefs to ensure the safety of Exmoor at whatever cost.
  • Run Time: 00:28:59
  • Country of Production/Filming: USA/USA
  • Date of Completion: May 2012
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/41833436
  • Social media: https://www.facebook.com/Thedevoutfilm
  • Credits:
    • Writers: Andrew Vallentine, Mairin Hart
    • Director: Mairin Hart
    • Producer: Andrew Vallentine
    • Cinematographer: Scotty Field
    • Editor: Arica Westadt
    • Composer: Glendon Chaney
    • Cast: Hannah Levien, Mary Scopu, Brahm Gallagher
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The Silk

Silk.jpg None of us want to die. But die we will. There is another way, though, as Herb and Amy find out. And it's been right under their noses for 50 years. Sometimes we need to destroy everything we know to conquer our fears. It's a case of being brave, trusting your heart...and making the first cut.
  • Run Time: 00:15:00
  • Country of Production/Filming: New Zealand/New Zealand
  • Date of Completion: July 2012
  • Web site: http://www.thesilk.co.nz
  • Social media: https://www.facebook.com/thesilkmovie?ref=hl
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Nathalie Boltt
    • Directors: Nathalie Boltt, Clare Burgess
    • Producers: Nathalie Boltt, Clare Burgess
    • Cinematographer: Simon Riera
    • Editor: Philip Boltt
    • Composer: Paulo Buonvino
    • Cast: Kate Harcourt, Don Langridge, Nathalie Boltt
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The Stolen


A young girl (Essie) turns to the fantastical world of her imagination to escape her emotionally-abusive home. Her father, a veteran, committed suicide after witnessing the horrors of war in Afghanistan. Her older brother (Braden) is now lashing out with anger and violence at the world around him.

One day, Essie oversees Braden and his friends beating a frail teenage boy (Sebastian) and imprisoning him in a cage. Essie rescues Sebastian, telling him she is a fairy princess. When Sebastian promises to grant her a wish, she discovers that he’s more than he appears. Her secret wish comes true, but at a dark price.

  • Run Time: 00:05:22
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/Canada
  • Date of Completion: April 2012
  • Web site: http://www.karenlamfilms.com
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Karen Lam
    • Director: Karen Lam
    • Producer: Karen Wong
    • Cast: Lilah Fitzgerald, Morgan Roff, Sarah Lind
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The Working Cats Guide to the Klondike


The Working Cat’s Guide to the Klondike by Veronica Verkley, is a short documentary film recalling the traditional practice of Cat Sledding, which was unique to the area of Dawson City, Yukon, in Canada’s far north.

The film combines archival photographs and super 8 footage along with contemporary interviews, set to the rollicking sounds of local musicians Barnacle Bob, Willie Gordon, and Harmonica George.

Old timers, First Nation storytellers, historians, colourful local characters, and modern mushers offer up a rare glimpse of a unique, nearly forgotten method of transportation and way of life.

The greatest story never told about the wild and wonderful history of the Klondike: a land full of storytellers, magical landscapes and strange things done.

  • Run Time: 00:09:00
  • Country of Production/Filming: Canada/Canada
  • Date of Completion: May 2012
  • Credits:
    • Director: Veronica Verkley
    • Producer: Veronica Verkley
    • Cinematographer: Veronica Verkley
    • Editor: Robert Crossman
    • Cast: Sharon Shorty
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Телега (The Cart)


A man was walking along a very long road, when, suddenly, he saw a cart, with no-one aboard, with no horse or engine, or even sails… just the wheels turning by themselves past him in the same direction. He jumped clear of its path and it continued by itself and he died of thirst. He was a scholar and he knew that such things absolutely did not happen–that carts could not travel by themselves…

A man was walking along a very long road, when, suddenly, he saw a cart, with no-one aboard, which had just its wheels turning by themselves, past him in the same direction, so he laughed, and jumped into the cart. He was happy because it would take him to his beloved, singing songs while sitting without any care of why the wheels were operating by themselves–just that they continued in his direction…

A man broke and burned the cart…

A man climbed into the cart, opening his raincoat, he caught the wind, causing the cart to move faster…

  • Run Time: 00:25:48
  • Country of Production/Filming: Russian Federation/Russian Federation
  • Date of Completion: May 2012
  • Trailer: http://vimeo.com/49484584#at=0
  • Credits:
    • Writer: Andrey Migacyov
    • Director: Natasha Novik
    • Producer: Vladimir Utin
    • Cinematographers: Aleksei Kupriyanov, Aleksei Malinkovich
    • Editor: Andrei Nazarov
    • Composer: Linas Rimsa
    • Cast: Sergey Ushkevich, Vitaliy Khaev, Anastasiya Sapozhnikova     
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Under The Red Star

UTRS-poster1.jpg The Finnish Labour Temple opened in March 1910, but this workers' hall was a temple of a different sort, one where political, rather than religious devotion, was practiced. Under the Red Star tells the story of union organizers, strong minded women, athletic children, actors and even poets. Under the Red Star is a feature length docu-drama, in Finnish and English, about the vibrant culture and politics at the heart of Canada’s most significant labour hall in Thunder Bay, Ontario. In its early days, it was inseparably linked to the activities of Canadian labour and the left. The Big Finn Hall was a place where culture and politics came together and that is why the main protagonists are radicals and poets: Sanna Kannasto, Tom Hill and Aku Päiviö. This film seamlessly integrates archival footage, photos and fictionalized scenes shot on 16 mm film to bring to life the lively and dramatic past of the early years of Finnish immigration to Canada. Under the Red Star tells the story of the struggle for a just society in early twentieth century Canada.

Followed by a moderated panel discussion.

Moderator: Dusty Kelly- Corresponding Secretary and Organizer, IATSE local 891

Panelists and Under the Red Star creators:

Harvey La Rocque- Canadian cinematographer. ( I. Robot, X-men 2, The Twilight Saga:New Moon)

Kelly Saxberg- Film producer and director. Her dedication for making films that both educate and entertain has resulted in a number of award-winning productions

Ron Harpelle- Award winning film producer and a history teacher at the Lakehead University. He has a special interest in making Social Science come alive in the form of films, video and as new media.

Irene Lanzinger- Secretary-Treasurer B.C. Federation of Labour. She is a long-time union activist and teacher. She also travelled overseas and taught in Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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