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The Who's Who directory is a comprehensive listing of professionals in the television and film industry. WIFTV members receive a free listing as part of their membership.

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Farzela Aberdeen
Company/Employer: Paladin Security
Current Profession: Background Acting, Security Guard, Film School Alumni
Smita Acharyya
Company/Employer: Twinsletown Productions
Current Profession: Writer/Director, Production Manager, Project Manager
Laura Adkin
Company/Employer: Flat/Head Films
Current Profession: Actor, Director, Producer, Writer
Mairzee Almas
Current Profession: DGA Director DGC Director
Naomi Ambrose
Current Profession: actress,background performer,independent film-maker,writer,director,producer
Elizabeth Amies
Company/Employer: Binder Twine Productions
Current Profession: Independent Filmmaker & Film Industry Crew Member
Blaine Anderson
Company/Employer: Motorcycleboy Productions
Current Profession: Actor
Cara E. Anderson
Current Profession: Special Effects Office Coordinator
Jeane Andrews
Company/Employer: IATSE Local 891
Current Profession: Due to multiple disabilities I am not able to work in Lighting. Currently I am the Good and Welfare Committee Chair, Recording Secretary of the Election Committee, member of the Women's Committee, member of the Law and Legislature Committee and Audit Committee for 891.
Victoria Angell
Company/Employer: Agentic Digital Media
Current Profession: Digital Media Producer, Indie writer/director. Owner of Armed and Ready Productions.
Paul Armstrong
Company/Employer: Ameland Films Inc. / Crazy8s Film Society
Current Profession: Producer
Aubrey Arnason
Company/Employer: Arnason Productions Inc
Current Profession: actor/director/writer
Stephanie Arnold
Company/Employer: The Underscores
Current Profession:
Jenny Arntzen
Current Profession: Project Management Carpenter Sociologist
Maja Aro
Company/Employer: Kunoichi Ventures Inc
Current Profession: director/stunt performer/ stunt coordinator
Jaitara Ashlie
Company/Employer: Ecstatic Academy Training Ltd./
Current Profession: Actor, Speaker, Author. (Sexual enlightenment and empowerment coach, master emotional healer) Creator and facilitator of "Mastering the Sex Scene" - Before, during and after the shot. In "Mastering the Sex Scene", I teach and coach actors how to prepare for a scene involving nudity and/or sexual expression or rape, feeling grounded, focused and calm; how to channel their energy to show up in character fully connected and feeling safe in their vulnerability. Then after, how to release the energy of the scene immediately, feeling at peace in their power, moving onto the next scene refocused and centered. I work in group format, or through private coaching.
Kirsten Aubrey
Company/Employer: Carbon Life Media
Current Profession: Video Producer/director, video editor, photographer, writer.
Natasha Aylward
Current Profession: Actor