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2017 From Our Dark Side Genre Concept Competition and Accelerator Program Winners


WIFTV's From Our Dark Side genre concept competition and accelerator program is delighted to announce the winners of its third season.

The competition received over 150 entries from across the country, thanks to the promotional efforts of dozens of film schools, agencies, festivals, genre groups, and the broader film community.

“The quality of submissions was outstanding,” commented jury member Rupert Harvey. “I’ve been inspired by the amazing wealth of talent from across the country.”

The five From Our Dark Side winners participate in an accelerator program designed to take their project to the next stage of development. Winners participate in one-on-one sessions, group meetings and workshops at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (March 8-12) and the Frontičres Genre Co-Production Market in Montreal in July. They meet potential producers and buyers to receive feedback on their projects.

The contest was developed by Women in Film and Television Vancouver’s Advocacy Committee, in collaboration with Super Channel, Telefilm Canada, Telus and Creative BC.

“Previous From Our Dark Side winners are excelling even before they complete the program,” commented Sharon McGowan, WIFTV board member and contest producer. “We’ve had one concept optioned before it was even finished, and other winners have recently won national awards, pitch competition victories, and more. The program may still be in its infancy, but the talent we’re attracting is anything but.”

The year’s winners are:

  • Bridget Canning, Newfoundland; Water from Stones
  • Elle Wild, BC; Strange Things Done
  • Mariel Scammell, Quebec; The Lot
  • Melanie Jones, BC; Switchback
  • Samantha Loney, Ontario; Married to Murder

The five winners were presented with their awards Sunday, March 13, 2017 at 7 PM during the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Closing Night Event (#VIWIFF).

We also congratulate 12 runners-up for their outstanding concepts (in alphabetical order):

  • Amber Alexander, Alberta; Bad Witches
  • Desiree Bilon, Alberta; Cut Back
  • Eliza Crosland, Ontario; Fifty, Too
  • Ellen Vanstone, Ontario; The Gregory
  • Krista Foss & Sally Cooper, Ontario; Ellesmere
  • Mariana Hulsen, BC; Rosa Obscura
  • Mia Fiona Kut, BC; Land of No Nocturne
  • Savithri Machiraju, Alberta; Erasure
  • Selena Lohan, BC; Narcissist
  • Shannon Litt, Ontario; Wilders
  • Sophie Caird, BC; When He Gets to Her
  • Sue Bourque, BC; Rowan Manor

Winners were selected by a jury that included Rupert Harvey (The Blob, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child); producer Mary Ann Waterhouse (Primary, The Thaw, Fido); executive producer Michael Paszt (Turbo Kid, Borealis); executive producer and writer, Simon Barry (Van Helsing, Continuum); market manager for Fantasia International Film Festival and Frontičres International Co-Production Market, Vanessa Meyer; and president of Mongrel Media, Charlotte Mickie.


Supported by: 

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