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A national English language contest seeking Canadian women writers and their best Genre Film ideas!

Applications for the new and improved third season are now open!

The deadline to apply is January 6th 2017. 

In partnership with Creative BC, Super Channel, Telefilm Canada and Telus. 


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A selection of websites and festivals curating women in genre

WiHM assists female horror filmmakers & artists in gaining opportunities, exposure, and networking. 

XX, a new horror anthology featuring all female directors, is coming to theatres in 2015. XX intends to tell stories with female leads and is produced by XYZ Films (The Raid: Redemption, Tusk). The XX anthology will be comprised of short horror films by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Jennifer's Body), Mary Harron (American Psycho), Jennifer Lynch (Surveillance), and Jovanka Vuckovic (The Captured Bird).

The Scream Queen Filmfest in Tokyo, organized by film producer Mai Nakanishi, specializes in horror movies directed by women.

The 2014 Fantastic Film Festival in Austin, TX, was "wonderfully diverse and filled with some incredibly fierce female-oriented features," said Britt Hays in Screen Crush on September 26, 2014.

The Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto added a program featuring horror films in 2014, including work by Karen Lam and Danishka Esterhazy. - Briony Kidd and Rebecca Thomson

Briony Kidd is active with her own blog that updates on women in genre:

Women in Horror Month is just relaunching their site so it’s a placeholder for now:
Their Tumblr is more current:
Women in Horror Recognition Month is Hanna Neurotica - Graveyard Shift Sisters is a site dedicated to women of colour in horror, and reclaiming the role of blackness in horror.  Their founder Ashlee Blackwell wrote her MA on the issue. - 50 Must See Horror Films  Directed by Women, an article in Flavorwire by Alison Nastasi


Canadian women filmmakers working in Genre

Most of you know Vancouver's very own Karen Lam (Evangeline, Doll Parts) and the Twisted Twins, aka as Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary, See No Evil 2), but have you heard of these Canadian women filmmakers specializing in genre?

Donna Davies

Donna Davies is a filmmaker from Nova Scotia. Through her production company Ruby Tree Films she specializes in the production of high quality, entertaining and compelling films that question the nature of the human condition. Donna's award-winning documentary work includes The Kitchen Goddess, A Sigh and A Wish, Childhood Lost, Zombiemania, Pretty Bloody; The Women of Horror, the Shadow Hunter series, The Poltergeist Phenomenon, and The Tesla Conspiracy. Donna’s most recent feature documentary Nightmare Factory is currently airing on The Movie Network, Movie Central and Space in Canada and on EPIX in the United States. she also made a number of shorts including Town Shoe Repair, Seven Crows and A Space for Sara. Donna has since gone on to write, direct and produce dozens of award winning films which have aired on CBC, Bravo, Global, W Network, Space, Vision TV, The Movie Network, Movie Central, The Independent Film Channel and Starz in the US and have screened at festivals all over the world.


Lindsey McNeill from Edmonton, Alberta
"I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen and swearing like a trucker since they unleashed me on the playground," says Lindsey on her website Scream Queen B. Her first feature film Truckstop Bloodsuckers was produced in 2012 and she is currently working in the film industry, developing several features, a few books and a graphic novel. 


Reviews of Contemporary Genre Films by Women

Anthony Lane reviews The Babadook in The New Yorker on December 1, 2014 (urging "Let a law be passed, requiring all horror films to be made by female directors.") and Laura Parker interviews its director, Jennifer Kent, about this shoutout in The Cut, on December 5. 

The Guardian's Joanna Benecke reviews Haunted Heroines: How women are taking the lead in horror films on October 23, 2014.

SACHA – Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) – is a  feminist organization that believes everyone has a human right to live without violence. They posted a blog by Aaron Allen about how the horror genre can empower women on August 6, 2014. - provides 100-words reviews
Here: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night by Ana Lily Amirpour. The review by David Brake concludes: 
"A pulpy, vampirical Iranian modern noir with power, confidence and verve. Irresistible and iconic, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is outstanding."

"The scare-queen at the heart of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, a new 'vampire Western' film set in Iran, is the exact opposite of your typical Hollywood horror villain," says Laura Barcella in on November 25, 2014.


Women writing about Genre 

The Horror Honeys over Vancouver, BC is a collection of strong minded, badass women with foul mouths who are in love with all things horror. “We write, live tweet, interview, rant and rave about everything we love (and hate) about the horror genre.”

Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West write about women in horror in Toronto's online film magazine 'Toronto Film Scene' on October 30, 2014.

Are Horror Films Having a Feminist Crisis?, asks Chelsea Hawkins in on October 31, 2013. 

Susan Elizabeth Lyons lists her favourite female science fiction writers in Women Writing Science Fiction: Some Voices from the Trenches, in the F&SF Forum.

Susan Wloszczyna declared “Dear Hollywood: Hiring women directors could rescue the superhero movie. Love, half the human race.” on, on July 8, 2013. 

Back in 2012, Planet Etheria listed the 10 best mainstream genre films directed by women. 

On October 31st, 2014, Monika Bartyzel wrote an article in her blog Girls On Film about four female filmmakers pioneering horror movies in film history: Alice Guy Blaché, Lois Weber, Maya Deren and Ida Lupino. She also wrote the article Girls on Film: How Women Shaped Horror, in 2010.

Jia H. Jung about Women In Fear – The [Non?] Evolution of the Female Role in Horror Movies, in Genre Across Borders on October 30, 2009


News about our genre contest

Hollywomen announced our contest on October 28, 2014.

Vancouver author and film reporter Sabrina Furminger wrote about Karen Lam and the contest for The Westender on October 30th, 2014. Her weekly column #ReelPeople deals with local people working in the film industy. 

Reel West Magazine, Western Canada's film industry magazine, announced our submission call on their newly launched e-news and website. 




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